HaxeFlixel 3.x


HaxeFlixel has always been a project to improve on what Flixel is and bring new life to the code where Adam Atomic and the Flash Player has left it. By choosing OpenFL and Haxe we have given new opportunities to Flixel projects and with HaxeFlixel 3.0 we have evolved the Flixel API itself.

The strongest criticism we have seen for Flixel has been a the idea that the codebase is "bloated" and that it lacks documentation. Each of these criticisms has been taken on board with HaxeFlixel 3.x and we are now happy to share the significant progress we have made on each points.

What happened to HaxeFlixel 2.0?

3.x is an evolution and improvement of the original Flixel API. It has a focus on being more logically named and structured for users to remember and expect consistency. While doing this we see the latest code as something more easier to maintain and extend. The entire process was undertaken openly on our GitHub pages.

The API changes of HaxeFlixel 3.x have pushed this to a point release. Users who were developing with 2.x will need to update their code to the new and improved API. We have collected the most important parts in our upgrade guide.

However big the changes which there are many, it is still easy for existing Flixel users to learn and adopt.

With our users in mind we have a project to assist you in updating old code. This tool is mostly a simple "find and replace" script that will replace old API calls with the new ones where it is easily automated. This tool is not a perfect conversion tool but a handy tool to make the updating process quicker. Checkout the flixel-tools docs for more information.

Our new codebase structure:

Contributions, pull requests and feedback are highly appreciated for all our open source code.

HaxeFlixel documentation

Flixel Documentation

Documentation is an ever going process as a project continues to evolve and people start using the code in new interesting ways. These pages are open for the community to edit so that we can continue to host them on haxeflixel.com.

Upgrade Guide

Please review our upgrade guide for detailed steps on updating your HaxeFlixel 2.x projects.

What's next for Flixel?

We are an open-source endeavour so what's next is a product of our community.

Join us, watch our forums, GitHub queues and activity for what's next ;)