Tips and Tricks


This is a collection of various tips and tricks for developing with HaxeFlixel.

Overriding SWF Script Timeout

By default, Flash will create a dialog box and cancel any running scripts after 15 seconds spent in a single loop. Generally, this is good as it helps to prevent a Flash file from being stuck in an infinite loop, but there are times where you may wish to override this preset. Haxe offers a compilation flag that can do just this, and OpenFL can pass this to the compiler by adding the following line to your Project.xml file:

<haxeflag name="-D" value="swf-script-timeout=60" />

Where '60' can be any value from 15 to 60, and is the number of seconds that elapse before the dialog appears. 60 is the hard-coded limit and is the maximum value that can be used for this flag. If you use a value higher than 60, the limit will be set to 60. Please note that regardless of the limit you set, the dialog warning will still read A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds.