HaxeFlixel 4.2.0

We've just released HaxeFlixel 4.2.0! There are a lot of small additions and improvements, like exposing the length of FlxSound objects or allowing you to configure their endTime.

Apart from that, we also fixed a lot of bugs and took care of some old annoyances, like not being able to control which tweens or timers are paused when entering a substate (see #1934 for a detailed explanation + usage example). This is also one of the improvements that caused some minor breaking changes.

The debugger overlay became even more powerful (and can now be opened with F2):

You can find the full changelog here.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release in any way!

By the way, in case you hadn't noticed: we recently released new versions of flixel-tools and flixel-templates as well, adding support for Visual Studio Code!

What happened to OpenFL 4 support?

Don't worry, it's still coming! There are two reasons why it's not a part of 4.2.0:

We're aiming to have support for OpenFL 4 starting with the next minor release (4.3.0).