HaxeFlixel Site Update!

The HaxeFlixel site finally got a bit of a facelift! After 4 years of Docpad being deprecated (we were on an even older version!), and 2 years of the initial "Should we replace docpad?" Github issue raised by RichardBray, we have FINALLY migrated the static site generation code fully off Docpad, and we are now using 11ty to generate the Haxeflixel site! This was lead by me, ninjamuffin99, as a small side project that begun the R&D phase in December, and started the serious work near the beginning of February.

The goals for the site update I aimed for:

Total work was a bit on and off over a few weeks, but finally got the site fully updated to have no Docpad related code around February 20th 2024!

Removing Docpad wasn't just a case of "old tech bad, new tech fun and good", there are many things that make the developer experience when working on the site much nicer now!

Now with new site generation backend, we are aiming for some cool new features for the site in future updates

If you have any suggestions for site features, content, or bug reports, do feel free to file an issue in the haxeflixel/haxeflixel.com repo! https://github.com/HaxeFlixel/haxeflixel.com/issues

And if you'd like to contribute to the site, take a look at the readme.md: https://github.com/HaxeFlixel/haxeflixel.com?tab=readme-ov-file#about