Compiler Conditionals


The Haxe compiler provides a robust solution for cross-platform development where you can use operators to define what targets receive your code. This functionality is invaluable for HaxeFlixel since we are targeting native mobile / desktop and web targets, all with different capabilities.

Conditional Compilation in the Haxe Manual

A basic example may include logic like this:

#if desktop

// desktop only code

#elseif mobile

// mobile only code


Conditionals relevant to your HaxeFlixel games may include:

mobile, desktop, native, web
ios, android, windows, mac, linux, html5
flash, cpp, neko, js

Multiple targets can be used together:

#if (mac || linux || android)

// code specific for these platforms


To define your own it is as easy as adding to your Project.xml:

<set name="magic" />

Now this will work:

#if magic
//Create a dragon

Since Haxe lets you use some logic with the conditionals you can enable something just for mobile, as in:

<set name="magic" if="mobile"/>