Install HaxeFlixel


To install the latest stable version of HaxeFlixel, open a command prompt and run the following Haxelib command:

haxelib install flixel

This also automatically installs OpenFL and Lime. After the installation is complete, you can compile games to Flash, HTML5 and Neko out of the box.

Install the lime command

haxelib run lime setup

This makes lime available as a command (alias for haxelib run lime).

To compile to desktop and mobile targets, you have to make sure you have run the respective lime setup commands. Each are specified in the OpenFL platform docs.

Install the flixel command

Run the following two commands to install flixel-tools (needed for project templates among other things):

haxelib install flixel-tools
haxelib run flixel-tools setup

Updating HaxeFlixel

If a new version of Flixel has been released, and you want to update to it, you can use the following command to do so:

haxelib update flixel

If you wanted to update e.g. flixel-addons instead, just replace flixel with flixel-addons.

To stay informed about new releases, you can follow @HaxeFlixel on Twitter or check out our Blog from time to time.

Development version

If you are interested in using bleeding edge code from the development branch on GitHub, see instructions here.