Newgrounds Game Jam

Newgrounds is hosting a HaxeFlixel game jam with a $1,300 prize pool! The theme is "Alone, Together" and submissions have to be uploaded to Newgrounds ... read more

HaxeFlixel DragonBones Support

Hi there, I’m Troy (@RouStudios), creator and maintainer of the HaxeFlixel backend for DragonBones. I’m here to write a post about DragonBones support ... read more

HaxeFlixel 4.4.0

HaxeFlixel 4.4.0 is now available on Haxelib, adding support for OpenFL 8 and Lime 6.3.0! Breaking changes are mostly limited to blend modes and a sli ... read more

FlxLightPuzzle Demo

We have a new demo made by yours truly Nick: a puzzle game of reflecting light and combining colors. Featuring... FlxLightPuzzle Demo img src="/imag ... read more

The Flixel Community

So you've downloaded Flixel, skipped around in the tutorial, and are wondering what's next. You could start making that game you've been thinking abou ... read more

Introducing Nick (MSGHero)

Hi everyone! I'm Nick (@MSGhero16), and I'll be working for the HaxeFlixel community now. My goal is to drum up engagement with our favorite library ... read more

OpenFL 5 compatibility status update

Hey, Beeblerox here! As you may know, HaxeFlixel is currently stuck with outdated versions of OpenFL and Lime due to some rendering incompatibilities ... read more

HaxeFlixel Mechanics

Hey everybody, Tim here to share something with you: Does this sound familiar? "I wish I could remember how to do this one, small thing in HaxeFlixe ... read more

HaxeFlixel 4.2.0

We've just released HaxeFlixel 4.2.0! There are a lot of small additions and improvements, like exposing the length of FlxSound objects or allowing yo ... read more

Fundraiser 2016

read more

HaxeFlixel 4.1.0

HaxeFlixel 4.1.0 has just been released to Haxelib (as well as new versions of flixel-addons, ui and demos)! The full changelog contains a long list o ... read more

HaxeFlixel 4.0.0

We are proud to announce the release of HaxeFlixel 4.0.0! This is without a doubt the biggest release yet, with nearly 2000 new commits on the core re ... read more

HaxeFlixel Patreon

Hello HaxeFlixel enthusiast, gamedevsam here! I have some big news to share with the HaxeFlixel community: HaxeFlixel is now on Patreon. Patreon is ... read more

Tilesheet rendering

Hi, gamedevsam here, I'm a developer and evangelist of HaxeFlixel. The following blog post was written by Beeblerox (the original creator of HaxeFlix ... read more

HaxeFlixel now has a blog!

The HaxeFlixel project and it's active community of game dev enthusiasts, have opened this blog up to post about the latest updates, news and anythin ... read more