Code Contributions

Contributing code to HaxeFlixel is done all through the official git repositories on GitHub.

Use the Dev Branches

All repositories except the website and documentation use a dev branch which is the main entry point for features and bugfixes to accepted into the codebase. When the code is tested by the community it is then merged into master and released on haxelib.

To clarify: the dev branch on flixel-addons and flixel-demos is only compatible with the dev branch of flixel.

If you are making changes to the codebase that could include breaking changes or a new API, we make use of the pull request feature and suggest developers use a feature branch model. Feature branches are simply new branches with your code that are named with a title relating to your code.

Merge Approval

Before a major feature is merged into core our general workflow is to get approval from a core-contributor with push access.

Developers do have limited time so keep in mind some simple steps to get your pull request accepted:

  • Clearly describe your use case or the problem/issue your code is developed for.
  • Conduct as much testing as possible on the supported targets of HaxeFlixel. If the code is for a specific target only make a clear note for developers to test.
  • Provide a link to a working, compilable demo of your code.

Contribute to the Stack

Everything about the technology stack of HaxeFlixel is open-source so you can contribute directly to the language, compiler and upstream libraries:

If you are wanting to contribute code, please review the style guide.