Flixel Tools

To make HaxeFlixel development easier, a set of command line tools has been developed with Haxe and Neko. With it you can easily create our demo projects, templates and more. Just like HaxeFlixel it is an open-source tool and additions/improvements from the community are welcome at the flixel-tools GitHub repository.


The tools are available on haxelib:

haxelib install flixel-tools


To set the tools up initially / to be able to use the flixel alias in your console:

haxelib run flixel-tools setup


create (c)

Create a new demo (in the current directory):

flixel create <name_or_number>

If no name or number is given, it will list all demos and prompt you for a choice, by number or name.

template (tpl)

To create a new project from the default template:

flixel tpl -n <name>

Any folder in the flixel-templates haxelib is treated as a template and can be created with the flixel tpl <foldername> syntax. This makes it easy to create custom templates.