Do I have to learn Flixel (AS3) before HaxeFlixel?

No, you have to learn HaxeFlixel to use HaxeFlixel, although previous experience with the AS3 version will help.

Do I have to learn OpenFL to use HaxeFlixel?

No, HaxeFlixel abstracts it completely.

Are there any more tutorials?

We have a dedicated Community Tutorials page that links to many external community made tutorials!

You can find the official HaxeFlixel "Dungeon Crawler" tutorial here.

I found a bug, where do I report it?

On the official GitHub repository.

My sounds are lagging!?

On some platforms, it helps to manually cache sounds: FlxG.sound.cache("sound"); or FlxG.sound.cacheAll(); to do all at once.

My player falls off-screen after walking a certain distance!

Collisions are limited to the area defined by FlxG.worldBounds. For example in platformers where this area needs to be larger, you need to adjust it manually.

Can I make 3D games with HaxeFlixel?

No, the framework is limited to 2D graphics. Well. Except for some crazy people.

How do I protect my assets from being stolen?

If you add embed="true" to the <assets path="assets"> tag of the Project.xml, the asset files are embedded into the .exe.