Introduction to OpenFL

The Open Flash Library (OpenFL) previously known as NME, is an innovative framework designed to provide fast, productive development for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Flash and HTML5 – all using the same source code.

OpenFL has a history of providing the Flash API wherever possible however it is also used to extend upon that API. OpenFL is powered by the Haxe Toolkit's cross-compiler that lets it produce native code such as C++ for its target platforms.

OpenFL has a an active community of developers building games for the web, consoles, desktop and mobile devices. OpenFL is free to use and modify and it is currently being developed openly on GitHub. The project made from the combined work of talented and passionate developers over many years has resulted in a mature and advanced platform.

OpenFL targets include native cross-compiled C++ for desktop and mobile targets, as well as web targets such as Flash, HTML5 and experimental support for Emscripten. OpenFL is written primarily in the Haxe language as well as platform specific code integrating with SDKs and native APIs.

OpenFL provides HaxeFlixel with a familiar Flash API as well as an extended set of features for native targets. This includes the use of GPU accelerated texture batching through drawTiles, multi-threading and more.