The Power of HaxeFlixel

First, let me talk a bit about why you should use HaxeFlixel.

HaxeFlixel gets its roots from the AS3 Flixel Framework created by
Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltsman. If you’ve played Canabalt,
you’ve seen the early version of this framework in action. HaxeFlixel takes the idea and the general structure of
Flixel, separates it from Flash, and combines it with the power and freedom of Haxe - which is a
multi-platform language, so that you can write games that can be easily published to all sorts of platforms
(Windows, Linux, Mac, HTML5, iOS, Android, and more).

HaxeFlixel comes with a ton of built-in features - classes, utilities, and functions - that handle a lot
of common or complex things that you might need to do. And, because it’s open-source, if you find something that it
can’t do, it’s really easy to change the code - and if your changes would benefit others,
add them to the library.

It is a library that is easy to use, but offers the freedom and power to do anything you can think of without
limitations caused by a rigid interface.

You can find out more about HaxeFlixel here.