Install development Flixel

Developers may want to contribute and / or stay updated with the bleeding edge code of HaxeFlixel. Like any development code we caution the use of it as it may not have the same amount of testing as the stable version.

All new development is done on the dev branches of HaxeFlixel's GitHub repositories.


  • You must have completed the Getting Started guide to have the necessary dependencies (Haxe and OpenFL).

    If you want to use development builds of OpenFL and Lime, please refer to these instructions:

  • Install Git

    Windows-only note: ensure that during the installation process, you select the non-default option that allows you to use Git from the Windows command prompt (you'll also need to re-open your command prompt window after installation for Git to become available there).

Install Flixel from GitHub

To obtain the newest version, please input the following command into your console:

haxelib git flixel

The same applies for any additional Flixel libraries:

haxelib git flixel-demos
haxelib git flixel-addons
haxelib git flixel-ui

Should you want to use haxelib set <library> <version> to switch back to released versions, be sure to run haxelib dev <library> beforehand. haxelib git enables the "development directory" for a library, which overrides haxelib set commands.

Testing the installation with the Mode demo

Navigate to flixel-demos/Platformers/Mode. Compile and run the game with lime test <target>.

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